Swift & Seamless Airfreight Worldwide
When time is of the essence, you can count on Pan Asia Logistics to meet your most critical demands. We provide a comprehensive range of airfreight services that are customised to your needs:
  •     Priority Express Service with guaranteed time features
  •    Day-Definite Consolidation Service with up-lift solutions
  •    Door-to-Door Service minimises risks of delays or damages of cargo due to excessive handling
  •    On-Board Courier Service from any origin to any destination
  •    24/7 Charter Service whether for full charter, partial charter or the AOG business
Complete Control. Complete Peace-of-MindIf you are unsure of the proper packing, labeling and declaration requirements, we are able to perform these services for you on request. Additionally, our dedicated team of licensed customs brokers and import/export specialists are on-hand to ensure seamless import/export processes. Our advanced real-time tracking system also enables you to have visibility of your shipments throughout its journey. If you would like to make further enquiries on our airfreight services, or an appointment for a consultation, contact us here. Pan Asia Logistics Airfreight Flyer


Expect Smooth-Sailing Deliveries, Every Time
Pan Asia Logistics provides a comprehensive range of ocean freight services worldwide. We manage the entire forwarding process, booking of cargo, arrangement of pick-up, delivery, and shipping documentation as required in the import and export countries.Our ocean freight services include:
FCL (Full Container Load)With Pan Asia Logistics Container Line, our NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), we maintain excellent relations with all major container lines.LCL (Less-Than-Container Load)Our LCL-service network covers major ports worldwide.Special Equipment & Oversized Cargo Sea-Air Service Our sea-air transport solutions combine cost advantages of ocean freight with the timeliness of airfreight. Chartering We offer bulk and break bulk shipping with charter tonnage and complete ship loads, as well as running liner parceling services worldwide. Our charter services include:
  •     Consultation on chartering process
  •    Feasibility studies
  •    Handling, loading and stowage services
  •    Discharging supervision, port and terminal management
To find out more about our ocean freight services, or to make an appointment for a consultation, contact us here.  


We Keep your Business Moving
Pan Asia Logistics provides end-to-end warehouse and distribution processes that help to optimise your supply chain and reduce your logistics costs. With our customised storage programs and fully automated warehouse management systems, we are well equipped to meet all your supply chain needs.
Inventory Management We monitor your inventory, including stock levels and ageing, to help reduce your storage and insurance cost, taxes, and tied-up capital.
Supply Chain Management From the vendor to the end-consumer, we oversee all processes within the supply chain, securing your material flow and accelerating throughput times.
Supplier Management Stay connected with suppliers, experience shorter lead times and more reliable fulfillment with Pan Asia Logistics. Our supplier management system bridges time zones, cultures and distance to create a seamless supply chain.
Packing Management Our optimised packing procedures help to create significant cost savings in packaging material, warehousing, and freight. Contact us to learn more about our Rent & Lease packaging services.
Hazardous Goods Storage and Handling We provide fully licensed storage facilities for hazardous goods, ensuring that they are safely stored and handled. We are professionally trained in the following areas:
  •            Dangerous goods packing and repacking service
  •            Fumigation service
  •            Labeling service
  •           Acceptance checks, segregation checks and load inspections
  •            Documentation and classification service
Waste Management & Remanufacturing We offer intelligent waste management and remanufacturing solutions that promote the sustainable use of natural resources.
Return Logistics Based on your existing logistics system, we devise and implement a return logistics operation for you to manage the return or repair of faulty or replacement parts.
Bonded Warehouse We provide fully authorised bonded warehouse facilities worldwide for storage of your dutiable goods.
3PL Scheme As one of the few logistics providers licensed by the Singapore government to conduct business under the approved 3PL Scheme, we can help you to achieve tax benefits for your import goods and tax exemptions for your re-export shipments.

To make an enquiry about our contract logistics solutions or to arrange an appointment for a consultation, contact us here.



We’re Well-Equipped to Carry Any Load
The intensity embodied in planning, site surveying, costing and finally executing a project underscores the need for our team of projects specialists distinct from general freight forwarding. Supported by an international network of projects partners, we promise the deliverables!
Some of the key features of our project logistics processes are:
  •     Ability to manage milestones, scope and timeline
  •    Having total visibility of your project
  •    Simplified communication with a single contact point
Our service spectrum includes:
Planning and Consulting Since there is nothing “routine” about projects, solutions are almost always customised. The process of customisation includes conducting a feasibility study to ascertain the transportation methods and routes, embarkation and disembarkation points, meeting relevant authorities and agencies regulations, provision and submission of relevant documents governing operations such as Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Loading and Lifting Plans.
Project Engineering Project type cargoes by nature, often present a different set of requirements to facilitate mobilisation. Cradles may have to be constructed for the transportation of umbilical reels, spreader bars are often required to render stability and prevent damage during lifting and hotworks such as welding to enhance seafastening may be required to meet marine warranty specifications. Before the execution phases, the physical environments often range from challenging where manmade or natural obstacles encountered may have to be removed / relocated and roads and temporary reinforcements to bridges have to be constructed, to those that are hostile, such as shortage of proper beach landings and limited draft of waterways which require temporary jetties to be constructed, compacting of beachfronts and dredging to permit safe passage. Such environmental limitations add dimensions to handling of project cargoes heightening the need to enlist our team of project specialists.
Project Management Project logistics often involve detailed planning, costing and variance reporting, timeline management and risk management is of paramount importance. Our projects team at Pan Asia Logistics embraces these parameters with tenacity and dexterity. Working closely with our clients while putting together our comprehensive suite of resources remain the recipe for successful execution of any project awarded.
Co-ordination & Supervision Co-ordination commences from the very onset of a project. Sequential collection of cargoes, engaging of suitable sailings and flights, monitoring the transits and arrivals, customs clearances, stowage and subsequent deliveries to site address all require tight co-ordination in order to provide the end-to-end service quality that is second to none. Supervision at site provides all the necessary updates to our co-ordinators, so that continuous evaluation can be done, prompting the next stage of operations. Site supervision also serves to identify deviations from planned sequences to operations enabling our Co-ordinators and Managers to convey such updates to our clients and for alternative action plans where necessary. Known as “Supercargoes”, our supervisors deployed at site also ensure that cargo integrity as well as safety of both premises and personnel are not compromised.
Vessel & Aircraft Chartering Standard containerised and airfreight services may find project cargoes or the locations shipped to and from, too much of a handful. Situations like these may call for either part chartering or full chartering of purpose built vessels and aircrafts, depending on the job at hand. Pan Asia Logistics offers a wide range of ocean faring vessels from RO.RO types to barges, HLV, OSV, AHTS as well as semi-submersibles for offshore deliveries. Aircraft chartering possibilities would range from commercial airliners to military cargo aircrafts such as the Antonov series.

To make an enquiry about our project logistics services or to arrange an appointment for a consultation, contact us here or email us at:



Drive your Business in the Fast Lane
With our worldwide networks for procurement, distribution and aftermarket vehicle logistics, you can rest assured that your vehicles and parts reach their destination on time, every time. Our scope of automotive logistics solutions includes:
  •     Overseas and local consolidation
  •     International supply chain tracking
  •     New car and pre-owned car logistics
  •     Parts warehousing and distribution
  •    Just-in-Time delivery
  •    Just-in-Time delivery
  •     Packaging
  •     Customer support and after sales service
  •     VPC/PDI Solutions
By Road, Sea, Air, or Any Means Necessary

We leverage on our extensive freight and storage services to deliver optimised solutions to your business. By combining different modes of transport and contract logistics services, Pan Asia Logistics is able to provide the ideal logistics package for your supply chain. If you would like to make further enquiries on our automotive logistics services, or an appointment for a consultation, contact us here.



Under Pressure? Need to Make a Time Critical Delivery?
You require a logistics solution provider with the necessary know-how and capability to manage your super urgent shipment, regardless of its type, destination or handling requirements. With our ability to fulfill the needs of a wide range of industries, Pan Asia Logistics is your ideal choice for urgent deliveries. We are entirely focused on your shipment and schedule.
Key Features of our TCS Services – Time Critical Solutions:
  •     Our specialised team is available 24/7 providing reliable, effective and dependable customer service
  •     Dedicated couriers to all international destinations
  •     Pre-coordination with airlines, dedicated route planning and flight booking in order to choose the shortest and fastest route to minimise transfer times
  •     Priority and dedicated pick-up and delivery of goods
  •    Real time monitoring throughout the voyage
  •    Continuous updates on shipment status through status reports and notifications
  •     Customs regulations and documentation handling
  •     Specialised packaging if required
OBC – On Board Courier Pan Asia Logistics OBC service offers dedicated hand carry for your most critical and time sensitive deliveries within Asia to any international destination. Our courier is in physical possession of the shipment from collection until handover to recipient. We ensure your shipment is carefully and safely handled, with guaranteed confidentiality. NFO – Next Flight Out If you need the advantages of high speed but find an OBC or hand carry unnecessary, Pan Asia Logistics Next Flight Out (NFO) Service is just the solution. We make sure that your shipment is booked, picked up, and checked in on the next available flight. Upon arrival, we retrieve your shipment and ensure immediate delivery. We Cover Your Industry! Automotive | High Tech & Electronics | Aircraft Industry (AOG) | Fashion & Lifestyle | Legal, Finance & Banking Sector | Ship Building Industry & Ship Spares in Transit (SSIT) | Oil & Gas | Media Industry Contact us here or email us at : TCS Brochure  


Consulting & Support
Tap on our vast experience in all aspects of logistics services to facilitate your transportation and supply chain reengineering solutions and achieve your targets. Our Consulting & Support services include:
  •     Analysis and technical expertise of your logistics processes
  •     Assessment of your supply chains to identify opportunities and plug problem areas
  •     Training and support in dangerous goods handling, packing and documentation
Transportation Management & EngineeringPan Asia Logistics helps you to improve logistics efficiency and optimise loads, leading to minimised transportation costs and maximum business productivity. Experience these benefits:
Increased load factors
Improved scheduling & routing
Usage of the most efficient mode of transport
Eliminate unnecessary packing
Minimised shipping distances and volumes
Reduced vehicle mileage and optimised fleet size
4PL – Fourth Party Logistics We are asset independent in the management and operation of our customers’ supply chains. This allows us to design and plan highly efficient supply chain solutions, enabling you to focus on your core business. Engage us and enjoy significant competitive advantages:
Increased profitability and productivity
Improved financial returns and cash-flow
Comprehensive and transparent logistics processes
Competitive supply chain
Decrease in logistics and supply chain costs
Contact us today to find out more about how you can benefit from our expertise.  

Pan Asia Logistics
Now Powered by TVS Asianics

As we continue our journey to grow and expand our business – and with the aim to move forward on our goal and vision to be ‘The Preferred Partner in Asia for Global Logistics’ – we are pleased to announce that our freight forwarding and contract logistics business has been acquired by TVS Asianics, an Asia-centric integrated logistics solutions provider.

PALI (Pan Asia Logistics Investments) and Panalogs Projects are not part of the acquisition and will continue to operate independently under the leadership of Christian Bischoff and Susan Tan.

Please join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future for our employees, our partners and our customers.

“This is an incredible milestone for
Pan Asia Logistics and unlocks great
potential for us in the years to come.”

- Christian Bischoff
Advisor to the board of
Pan Asia Logistics and TVS Asianics